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Where were you on November 15th, 2017 ? when Australia voted YES?  


That night you would have found me celebrating in "The Wickham" - the Fortitude Valley's "Rainbow Oasis".

The atmosphere was one of sheer LOVE, JOY and CELEBRATION. 

But lets rewind a few years (over 20 to be exact) ….how did a mum from Manchester become such a strong supporter and activist for LGBTIQ+ rights? 


When my 3 year old son asked for a pink bedroom complete with pink dressing table, barbie dolls, and make up for his birthday – I knew then that I would be joining the fabulous Rainbow Community and I have never looked back.

I also have a daughter who identifies as Queer, and a son who is a proud ally to both his siblings.

If you’ve been to Sydney Mardi Gras you’ve probably seen me marching in the parade and waving my placard! 


I’m a proud member of PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbian and Gays) and

Free Mum Hugs and attend any event I can to spread the word of love and acceptance for all. 

I also make PRIDE badges (LP Badges) and sell them at Pride Fairs, and I love seeing how such a simple item can bring joy to the wearer.

To be a Celebrant and marry all couples will be an honour and privilege.  
There is no denying - Love truly is Love, and as the name of my business states – Love Wins ! 

Marching in the parade with PFLAG

            at Sydney's Mardi Gras

with my good friend Shelley Argent

at a protest for Marriage Equality

Unfortunately, these guys would only ever dream of being married.

Credit : Nini-Treadwell Collection "LOVING A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s - 1950's"

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