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Hi! I'm Lins

 I could write a wordy blurb -  

but I’m more a ‘bullet points’ kinda gal – so here goes –  
   I AM …. 

  •     originally from Manchester, England  - so yes I have a pommy       accent!  (and in case you’re into football – I’m a Red!) 

  •     a wife of over 20 years - so I know a thing or two about          marriage 

  •     a mother of 3 adult children (my proudest achievement        and my greatest teachers) 

  •    A proud ally of and Activist for the LGBTIQ+ Community -     see my page on Marriage Equality (because this deserves a page of it’s own)  

  •   a cat mum to the beautiful Belle (see pic !)

  •    an eternal Optimist 

  •    an avid vinyl collector (it’s my hubby’s collection really – I just get the listening pleasure) 

  •  a lover of anything with rainbow colours on

  • walking on the beach, tattoos, sunflowers, feathers and Disney - doesn’t everyone deserve their fairy-tale wedding if that’s what they want? 

  •   a mad op shopper and retro collector   

  •  a cider drinker from way back before cider was trendy! 

  •  a firm believer that age is just a number, and Kindness is the new cool

  • very excited to help you create the wedding of your dreams 

Photo Credit: Wildflower Weddings

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